Steiff Replica 1910 Teddy Bear 40 cm. EAN 403361

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EAN 403361
Steiff Replica 1910 Teddy Bear
Year: Spring 2019 collection
Material:blond mohair
Limited to 910 pieces world wide
Size: 40 cm. / 16"  tall
Hand stiched nose
Glass eyes
Fully jointed
With growler
Stuffed with wood shavings
Surface washable 
With underscored button made of patinated steel
Not intended as a toy
With ceriticate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Replica 1910 teddy Bear EAN 403361
A veritable classic! Anyone who lays eyes on the blond Teddy bear replica 1910 cannot help but notice
the influence of the original Steiff master craftsmen. With his clear gaze, confident demeanour,
prominent bear hump and powerful paws, this friendly bear is impossible to resist. Stuffed with
wood shavings and featuring glass eyes and a white tag, he combines all the insignia of classic-era
Steiff bears...

EAN 403361 Steiff Replica 1910 teddy bear comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve