Steiff Richard Teddy Bear and Monkey 50 cm. EAN 421433

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EAN 421433
Steiff Richard teddy bear and PB monkey
Year: 2017
Size bear: 50 cm. / 20" tall
Size monkey: 32 cm. / 12.8" 
The bear is made out of silk mohair
The monkey is made out of brown mohair.
Stuffed with wood shavings
With wooden eyes
The bear has a hand-made glass nose
With medal and booklet
With special Button
Black woven eartag
Limited to only 115 pieces 
He comes in a wooden box
With certificate  and shipping box
Collector`s item 

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Steiff Richard Steiff Teddy Bear and Monkey 
Richard Teddy bear is made of silk mohair and 50 cm. tall, the monkey of mohair and 32 cm in size. 
Both are stuffed with wood shavings and have wooden eyes. Richard bear features a hand-made glass nose. 
The set comes with a precious booklet which contains historical information as well as a reproduction of the medal Richard Steiff was awarded on occasion of the world exhibition in St. Louis in 1904. The certificate will be signed by the Management of Margarete Steiff GmbH and the set will be supplied in a valuable gift box. Collection:
This special set is limited to only 115 pieces worldwide.

EAN 421433 Steiff Richard teddy bear and monkey comes with a certificate, box and cardboard shipping box