Steiff Shaggy Bear Replica 1914 22 cm. EAN 403330

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EAN 403330
Steiff Shaggy Bear Replic 1914
Year: Spring 2018 collection
Material: brown mohair
Limited to 914 pieces world wide
Size: 22 cm. / 8.8  tall
Hand stiched nose
Glass eyes
Stuffed with wood shavings
With voice
Surface washable 
With underscored button made of patinated steel
Not intended as a toy
With ceriticate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Shaggy Bear 1914 EAN 403330
Steiff introduced its Shaggy bear in 1914. It remained in the product range until 1927, its popularity attributable above all to its shaggy fur, endearing features and soft texture. The replica measures 22 cm / 8.8" in height, is stuffed with extra-soft wood shavings, has glass eyes and a press-and-listen growler.
To mark the year it was originally introduced, we are now presenting the Shaggy bear 1914 replica in a limited edition of 914.

EAN 403330 Steiff Shaggy Bear Replica 1906 comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve