Steiff Sound of Music Bear EAN 682919 31 cm.

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EAN 682919
Steiff Sound of Music Bear bear

North American and UK Exclusive
Year: 2015 
Size: 31 cm. / 12.4" tall
Material: white mohair
Fully jointed
With dress and apron
With music box  "The hills are alive / Sound of music" 
Limited to 1.965 pieces 
With gold plated button in ear
With certificate, box and shipping sleeve

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Steif Sound of Music bear EAN 682919
It´s hard to believe that it´s been 50 years since the release of the ever-popular film "The Sound of Music." But 2015 marks the golden anniversary of this landmark production. To celebrate this special occasion, we´re pleased to bring you "The Sound of Music" Teddy bear from Steiff. Sewn from alpine white mohair, the bear wears Maria´s costume from the famous mountain-top opening scene. On her paw pad, the film´s logo is embroidered in blue to match the bear´s blue eyes. Naturally, we´ve added a music box that plays the film´s legendary title song. Even though a half-century has passed, the hills are still alive with "The Sound of Music" from Steiff.

Steiff Sound of Music bear EAN 682919 comes with a box, certificate and cardboard shipping box.