Steiff Spotty replica 1928 dog 12 cm. EAN 403538

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EAN 403538
Steiff Spotty replica dog 1928
Year: Spring 2024 collection
Material: white mohair with airbrush accents
Limited to 928 pieces worldwide
Size: 12 cm. / 4.8"  tall
Head jointed
Hand stiched nose
Glass eyes
Filled with wood-wool
Surface washable 
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Spotty replica 1928 dog is designed for the Steiff 2024 collection.
The 1920s and 1930s were a veritable heyday for Steiff dogs.
Steiff is proud to offer this replica, which is true and accurate to the original produced from 1928.
Spotty is made of mohair and has airbrush accents. 
This dog is 12 cm. / 4.8" tall and filled with wood wool. His legs are wired, so you can pose him easily.
His head is jointed and he proudly wears the original underscored Button in his left ear, with the original ear tag for that time period.
Spotty has glass eyes and is limited to only 928 pieces worldwide.
This dog is the successor of Molly, made in 2021 and Ajax made in 2022 and Schrly made in 2023.

Steiff Spotty replica 1928 dog comes with a certificate, gift box and shipping sleeve