Steiff Vitalstatistix 38 cm. EAN 675010

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EAN 675010
Steiff Vitalstatistix
Year: 2021
European Exclusive
(excluding Germany, UK and Ireland)
Size: 38 cm. / 15" tall
Material: mohair and velours
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
3-way jointed (head and arms)
Mohair nose
Embroidered eyes end eyebrows
Surface washable
Limited to 500 pieces, Europe only
With gold plated button 
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Steiff Majestix (Vitalstatistix) EAN 675010

Asterix® Obelix® Idéfix® / ©2021 Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny - Uderzo

Vitalstatistix is made for Europe, except Germany, UK and Ireland.
He is the chief of the Gaulish village. He generally reasonable, wel-informed, fearless, eventempered and unambitious. His major failings are his love of good food and drink which has led to health problems — and his pride. As a Gaulish chief, he prefers to travel on a shield, carried by two shield bearers (they say pride comes before a fall... and he finds creative new ways to fall off the shield in almost every book). The names of the shield bearers are never mentioned.
He is the follow up of Dogmatix, Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and the wild boar.
He is 38 cm. / 15" tall and limited to only 500 pieces.
He is made of mohair and velours and his head and arms are jointed. His arms are also wired, so you can bend them.

Steiff Vitalstatistix EAN 675010 comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve

Expected delivery May 2021