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Steiff 2017 world wide

The Steiff 2017 collection contains wonderful limited editions.
Beside teddy bears there are also wonderful animals. Some replica`even really look old.

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The Steiff 2017 Collection limited editions contains lots of special items again.
The most special items are the new replica bears: Little Happy and the replica 1906.
Both have the original ear tag Steiff used in the year they were issued. The regular eartag is on the side of their body. 
Steiff already issud a lot of other Replica bears as you see, they all have the old charm of the 1st bear issued by Richard Steiff in 1902.
Another higlight are the 2 farm animals Karl Calf and Lena Lamb. You can start a whole farm with all the farm animals Steiff issued.The are not all limited, but all very cute. Of course there are also new Disney items to come as Dumbo, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Speedy ,Gonzales and Sylvester
When you are a Disney fan, then collect them all.