Steiff pigs

A Steiff pig can be made out of plush, mohair or alpaca.
Steiff pigs are made with eye for detail.
Steiff pigs made out of plush are all 100% safe for your child.
A plush Steiff pig can be machine washed.

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  1. Steiff EAN 063978 Pico Pig
    Steiff Pico pig 28 cm. EAN 063978
    In stock
  2. Steiff Sissi Pig EAN 280016
    Steiff Sissi Pig 22 cm. EAN 280016
    In stock
  3. Steiff Sissi piglet EAN 067402
    Steiff Sissi piglet 30 cm. EAN 067402
    In stock
  4. EAN 071898 Steiff Sissi Piglet
    Steiff Sissi Piglet EAN 071898
    In stock
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