Steiff Sonny rabbit 25 cm. EAN 007576

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EAN 007576
Steiff Sonny rabbit

Year: 2024 Collection
Size: 25 cm. / 10" long
Size: 18 cm. / 7.2" high
Material: beige and white mohair 
Hand stitched nose
Safety eyes
With white T-shirt and green trousers
With felt daisy
Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box, and cardboard shipping box

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Steiff Sonny Rabbit EAN 007576
Steiff Sonny rabbit is made for the Steiff 2024 collection.
He is 25 cm. / 10" long and 18 cm. / 7.2" high.
This rabbit is laying and made of beige and white mohair.
His nose is embroidered and he has safety eyes.
Sonny is wearing a white T-shirt and green trousers.
A special detail is the felt daisy in his mouth.
Sonny is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide
Although this is a collector's item, it is suitable for ages 14 years and up.

Steiff Sonny rabbit EAN 007576 comes with a certificate, box, and shipping sleeve