Steiff America

This category Steiff Amerika contains loads of wonderful American teddy bears and animals.
All those pieces are specially made for the USA.

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  1. Steiff Billy Bunny EAN 684081 with chick
    Steiff Billy Bunny 22 cm. EAN 684081
    In stock
  2. Steiff Great American Unity Bear EAN 684104
    Steiff Great American Unity Bear 31 cm. EAN 684104
    In stock
  3. Steiff Iris EAN 682384
    Steiff Iris Teddy Bear EAN 682384
    In stock
  4. Steiff EAN 683862 Rosie with baby bunny
    Steiff Rosie Bunny with Baby bunny 23 cm. EAN 683862
    In stock
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